Making cri­ses manageable



Privacy-Aware, Intel­li­gent and Resi­li­ent crisiS manage­ment
A rese­arch pro­ject on data-based cri­sis management

The Goal 

Pre­dict cri­ses at an early stage based on data and gene­rate indi­vi­dual recom­men­da­ti­ons for action. 

In focus 

The focus is on pro­duc­tion, logistics, sup­ply chain manage­ment, health­care and energy supply. 

Fun­ded by BMWK 

Fun­ded by the Ger­man Federal Minis­try of Eco­no­mics and Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion with appro­xi­mately €10 million. 

Deve­lo­ped in consortium 

Jointly rea­li­zed by a con­sor­tium of highly qua­li­fied com­pa­nies and institutions. 

A com­bi­na­tion of arti­fi­cial & human intelligence 

For all this, the rese­arch pro­ject is deve­lo­ping a cross-domain plat­form that com­bi­nes arti­fi­cial and human intelligence. 


Sup­ply Chain

Cur­r­ently not avail­able
When goods like semi­con­duc­tors and com­pu­ter chips can’t be deli­ve­red on time and eco­no­mies around the world falter…

Health Care

Shor­tage of medi­cal sup­plies
In pan­de­mic times, for­ward plan­ning and orde­ring manage­ment in health­care faci­li­ties is cri­ti­cal to the system…

Energy sup­ply

When the lights go out
A reli­able energy sup­ply in cri­sis regi­ons is con­si­de­red the abso­lute basis of life for the people as well as the reconstruction…

About us

The PAIRS rese­arch pro­ject, fun­ded by the Ger­man Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion, is being jointly imple­men­ted by a con­sor­tium of highly qua­li­fied com­pa­nies and insti­tu­ti­ons under the con­sor­tium lea­ders­hip of Adva­neo GmbH.

With the estab­lish­ment and con­ti­nuous fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment, a data-based infor­ma­tion basis is crea­ted in order to be pre­pa­red for cri­sis situa­tions in the best pos­si­ble way and thus to streng­t­hen the resi­li­ence of Ger­many as a busi­ness location.

Excerpt digi­tal con­sor­tium meeting


Bene­fit from active pro­ject par­ti­ci­pa­tion with many advantages



PAIRS Pro­jekt started 

Impro­ved cri­sis manage­ment with data No need for „for­gi­ving“ and „jud­de­ring“ Last year, Jens Spahn spoke of the likeli­hood of having to ask for a lot of for­gi­ve­ness after the pan­de­mic. Shortly… 

When sup­ply chains no lon­ger work 

When the con­tai­ner ship Ever Given got caught in a sand­s­torm on March 23 of this year and was sub­se­quently stuck across the Suez Canal, almost all world trade came to… 

Cri­sis as the norm 

“The cri­sis is the norm” Tho­mas de Mai­zière Cri­sis situa­tions are beco­m­ing more fre­quent: finan­cial cri­sis, euro cri­sis, refu­gee cri­sis, Corona cri­sis, flood dis­as­ter, and the next cri­sis is already waiting.… 

The joint pro­ject PAIRS is fun­ded as an AI light­house pro­ject wit­hin the frame­work of the “Inno­va­tion Com­pe­ti­tion Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence” by the Federal Minis­try of Eco­no­mics and Cli­mate Pro­tec­tion (BMWK).

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