First presential meeting of the PAIRS project consortium

The first presential meeting of the PAIRS project consortium, was held from 7 to 8 September in Düsseldorf. Workshops on individual use cases and other sub-projects were conducted. At the same time, an important overview of progress to date was intensively discussed and an overview of future work was developed.

One more time, the focus was on the problem of endangered and collapsing supply chains. In this context, the new Supply Chain Radar represents an overarching bracket for all use cases from the different domains.

The second day was dedicated to associated partners, project promoters, supporting researchers and the BMWK (Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action). In addition to the presentation of results to date and the next goals, there were insightful contributions from sub-projects on artificial intelligence as well as on data protection and security. New challenges regarding the upcoming Data Act Regulation and its relation to the PAIRS research project were proactively addressed.

In his introductory speech, Dr Glasmacher, representing the BMWK, emphasised the need for future work to address the threat of energy shortages and the associated aspects in other use cases. And finally, joint efforts should be made to gain even more potential implementation partners so that the design of the PAIRS platform can be built up realistically from a practical perspective

Consortium and associated partners of the PAIRS project

The joint project PAIRS is funded as an AI lighthouse project within the framework of the “Innovation Competition Artificial Intelligence” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK).