Coming soon: Conference "Networked Crisis Management 2022"

PAIRS as co-host together with the projects SPELL Platform, COYPU, DAKI-FWS and the organiser ResKriVer kindly invite you to the virtual conference “Networked Crisis Management 2022” [in German] from 4 to 7 October. You can register by clicking on this link:

and to select the dates that interest you, you can find the programme here:

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PAIRS project launched

PAIRS project launched Managing crisis situations better with data “Forgive” and “jerk” do not have to be Last year, Jens Spahn spoke of the likelihood

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Das Verbundprojekt PAIRS wird als KI-Leuchtturmprojekt im Rahmen des “Innovationswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz” vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) gefördert.

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